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Welcome to the Parts Department. We make parts research and purchasing quick and easy. If you have any questions at all, our friendly team of replacement parts experts are just a phone call away. Boutique Style High Quality Parts, Personal Service, and the industry's best products are what we use.

If you want maximum up-time, the best performance, safety, and energy efficiency, use High Quality parts. Boutique Quality parts are designed specifically for Durability & Performance over the Long Haul & you'll get the most uptime and maximum performance.

You've invested a lot of time and money into your business. Protect that investment with High Quality parts for all your Computer Equipment. It's the only way to guarantee performance, safety, and efficiency.

Why choose Boutique Style High Quality Parts?
Sure, it may be tempting to use lower-cost parts. But the truth is, saving a few dollars now could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Parts and Service when you need them 

Golden Bear PC Computer Repair Columbus, Ohio Metro


 On Site Setups and Service

Computer Services Including Apple & Mac, Windows 7, 8, 10, & Windows 10 Creators Update, Repair & Consulting. I am Covered Under HIPAA regarding Data & am Angie's List Certified! Call 614.488.2065 to set an appointment.

About Us

Our Hourly rates are $53.00 per hour On Site, about the lowest in town. First Hour Billable with $25 One Time Trip Charge. Don't Call A Bunch Of Geeks! PC Setups, Wireless Networks and Encryption, Child Security Issues, Free Tune Up Software for Anti-Virus, Ad Ware, Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware. Complete Diagnostics, Data Recovery, Data Back Up, Photo/Music CD's & DVD's, MP3 Player & iPod Setup, Custom Build PC's, Network Services for Small Business. Flat Rate Services available for Drop Off Work.

We recommend  Lenovo Laptops

We offer only High Quality Parts.

Visit us or Contact Us Online - (614) 488.2065 Phone & Fax

Custom Build Desktops

Drive Wiping Services available that include Hard Drive Removal with DOD Standard Wipe starting at $53.00. Drop Off Machine for Recycling also included w/ Drive Wiping Service. 

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Angie's List Straight A Rated!

Custom Build Desktop Computers, Refurbished Computers and Laptops. In Home or On Site Setups with Wireless Networking, Wireless Network Printing, Network Range Boosting, New High Speed Routers, Data Backup and Data Recovery.

We can also attempt to recover Data from any Machine that will NOT Boot or is Password Locked. Up to 60GB for a Flat Rate.

   Have Your Desktop or Laptop Computer Repaired and/or Set Up in a Timely Manner. Have Your Router and/or Wireless Connection Set Up Properly, Including Encryption and Security Issues that will be Addressed Correctly & Thoroughly.

    Custom Build Desktop Computers are Far & Away Superior to anything You can buy at a Box Store. Custom Build Desktops come with a 3 year Warranty! 

Windows 7, 8 to 10 Upgrades, including the latest Windows 10 Creators Updates. Tune Ups & Clean Ups.


 Apple & Mac Services ARE Also available, including Tune-Ups, Clean Ups, Data Transfer and/or Back Up. Free Anti Virus Software for Apple & Mac OSX 10.8 and higher.


Networking Services